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My heart is ticking like a bomb in a birdcage.

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some days are the kind of days where you can’t measure success by how much you got accomplished but instead by how many hours you made it before you started drinking 

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It’s a well worn trope at this point: a woman, her gun, and the killer. There’s nothing wrong with that, really - but how a thing is done matters as much as what is done.

So let’s compare and contrast. Beverly’s discovery of Hannibal’s nightmare basement is a clear homage to Clarice Starling in Silence of the Lambs. But there are a few important differences.

I think people forget that the situation in Silence of the Lambs was out of Starling’s control. She didn’t run in half-cocked trying to cowboy her way into a serial killer’s den - she shows up to ask him routine questions and he runs off. Her choices make sense in context. She has to pursue him, both as an officer of the law and because she knows the clock is ticking on Catherine Martin’s life. So she does, and she emerges a triumphant hero. She descends into hell and walks right back out again. 

On Hannibal, however, Beverly Katz is not behaving in a way that makes sense. Katz - who has been shown to be both brilliant and level-headed - goes to a suspected serial killer’s house in the middle of the night, by herself, and breaks in. She doesn’t tell anyone where she’s going. She dies trying to get evidence that she couldn’t even use because it was obtained illegally. 

It’s absurd. Are we really to believe that rational, calm Beverly Katz would behave like this? It disrespects both the intelligence of the character and of the audience. 

The saddest thing is that Katz could have easily been Hannibal’s Clarice Starling. She was the perfect candidate to take Hannibal Lecter down - uninvolved in his bullshit, clear-eyed, and formidable. Instead her arc has been cut off right as it was getting good. She was thrown away for a cheap shock that wasn’t actually a shock at all. What a waste.

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